One thing we get asked about a lot at Baba Box HQ are gift ideas for a baby shower. When the baby arrives there will inevitably be lots of gifts for the new arrival so for the baby shower it is often nice to focus on small gifts for mum.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of thoughtful baby shower gifts for a mum to be;

Healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks

Life with a new baby can be exhausting and it can be difficult to eat well, so having loads of healthy snacks to hand is ideal. Especially if the mum is planning on breastfeeding – the hunger is real. Things like nuts, granola bars, trail mix, healthy muffins etc. make great snacks.

Hand cream

Something we never would have thought of pre-baby as a new mum gift. With so many nappy changes and so much hand washing, hand cream is an essential. A favourite is from The Handmade Soap Company, Lavender, Rosemary and Mint hand cream which smells amazing and leaves skin feeling silky soft.

Delightful bath/shower products

Bath Salts for mums to be

When a new mum does steal a few minutes to herself it's nice to have some bath/shower products that are a real treat. We are big fans of Three Hills Bath Soaks which are made locally in Dublin in small batches. Oh and dry shampoo! Hides a multitude of sins from the daily visitors.

Pregnancy Tea

Herbal Teas for mums to be

Pregnancy tea can be another great option, helps with avoiding caffeine and there are some great options out there that help to settle the stomach to help with any queasiness! One of our favourites is Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Tea, a warming blend of tummy settling ginger, vibrant peppermint and the uplifting scent of luxurious fragrant rose petal. They also have a range of peppermint bon bons too!

Prepared meals for when baby arrives/Deliveroo voucher

Prepared Meals - Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of the best and most thoughtful gifts we received when my son was born was a shepherd's pie delivered by a friend, ready to be popped in the oven or frozen for later. If you are not big on cooking, a voucher from somewhere like Deliveroo or Just Eat will also go down a treat!

Due the amount of enquiries we received about baby shower gifts ideas for mums, we recently launched a new baby shower gift range and two mum-to-be gift boxes. We have incorporated some of the suggestions from above and put together carefully curated and thoughtful gift ideas that any mum-to-be will love.