Extending the Art of Thoughtful Gifting to All Occasions

Bene Box - Unique Gift Boxes and Care Packages

We are excited to announce the official launch of our new sister brand Bene Box (www.benebox.ie). Extending our thoughtful Baba Box gift offering for mums & babies, Bene Box specialises in gifts for all occasions.

Bene Box makes good wishes happen. In real life, rather than just in your head. Think of it as a moment of benevolence, boxed. You have the kind thought; Bene Box wraps it, packs it and brings it to the doorstep of someone who deserves it. Carefully packaged, with only the most gorgeous and unique gifts sourced from some of the best independent businesses and small brands from across Ireland and Europe. We box good wishes for celebrations, commiserations, congratulations, small tribulations: any occasion that deserves a little kindness.

Building upon our amazing Baba Box brand partnerships that we have built up over the last 7 years, Bene Box inherits the same commitment to excellence, attention to detail and thoughtfulness that makes Baba Box the brand it is today.
We are committed to continuing to support local businesses and help customers discover exceptionally made Irish products.

Bene Box. Make good wishes happen.
Shop gifts for all occasions on our new sister website: www.benebox.ie