Baba Box - Behind The Brand - Fauna Kids
We have been working with Nadia since we first launched back in 2016 and Fauna Kids (previously Moobles & Toobles) was one of the first brands that we stocked. Nadia creates beautiful, unique designs and hand screen prints her pieces in her studio in Dublin. Here we find out a bit more about her business from behind the brand!
How did your business get started?
My business started as a hobby after I had my daughter. I was on maternity leave from work and started to draw again. My father in law had screen printing equipment and was at me to get printing again. Eventually when my daughter was about two, I bought some blank babygrows and inks and started to experiment with printing. I get embarrassed looking at my first prints!
You recently rebranded from Moobles & Toobles to Fauna Kids. What is behind the new name and how did you come up with it?
My past three collections were inspired by animals and nature in general. It's taken me a few years to develop my style. My drawing style has always been the same but I decided to stop looking around at trends and draw things I really wanted to draw. I think the previous name didn't really fit the brand anymore and it was constantly misspelled by suppliers and customers. Who can blame them, it's a tricky one. Also, the new name makes us easier to find in the world wide web.
What is important to you as brand?
Integrity is important. Being individual and unique. Of course I'm not the only shop that sells babygrows but it's important as a brand to do your own thing, think of your own ideas and concentrate on what makes you different to other brands. Designing is the most important thing to me. I don't use any illustrators or textile designers. It's all my own work and I work very hard at it.
Nadia From Fauna Kids - Behind the Brand  - Baba Box
What is the best thing about running your own business?
The best thing is seeing the actual product in the flesh and knowing I created it, and seeing people actually want to buy something I've created. I get to fit my work around family life (when I'm not snowed under). 
What do you find the hardest running your own business?
The hardest thing is cashflow. You have all the responsibility of making sure the cash comes in through selling your product/service. Working for someone else shifts the responsibility on them to provide you with an income. 
Working for yourself can be challenging, what do you prioritize for self care?
I enjoy my simple comforts. An hour walk on my own with a podcast a few times a week, a mug of chicken soup on the couch and my hair & skin care. Seems really boring but I have my favourite hand creams etc that smell amazing. I use them every night as printing can destroy your skin. Taking the time to do my hair, moisturise my skin, go for walk means I can switch my mind off for a bit. I keep meaning to join a yoga class and that's on the list for this year. 
Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of taking the plunge and starting a business?
Don't overspend in the beginning. Don't buy followers on Instagram. Don't constantly go into sale if your product is slow to sell at first.
What is next for Fauna Kids in 2020?
My new collection drops this week so I'm very excited about that. I'm looking at some products for older kids too. The next plan is organic cotton t-shirts for adults and kids. Best get drawing ASAP.