Virtual Baby Shower Event


Virtual baby showers, although not a new concept, have certainly been having their moment in 2020. And with ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions it looks like the shift to hosting virtual baby showers is here to stay for at least a few more months to come. With that in mind, we’re here to help, with 5 tips for hosting a virtual baby shower.

Planning & hosting

First up is choosing the perfect venue for the virtual baby shower. Zoom has definitely become the most popular choice in 2020, with virtual backgrounds and recording options. Unless you’re planning a 40 minute baby shower, you’ll likely need to upgrade your account in advance. Skype and Google Hangouts are other options, without the need to upgrade.

Once you’ve chosen your platform, it’s time to get your invites out. Even for a virtual shower, we love the personal touch of a posted invite. Be sure to leave plenty of time though, especially with current postal delays.


A virtual baby shower can still be filled with tasty treats for guests and the mum-to-be. This year has seen many small Irish businesses moving online and offering delivery for the first time. Perfect for a baby shower, we love the look of Alex & Rah’s afternoon tea parcel and Finch & Berry’s chocolate covered strawberries. Check in with a local business near you and see if they are open for delivery or collection.


What’s a baby shower without the gifts? Traditionally, gifts are opened towards the end of the baby shower. To keep things lively we recommend changing it up and encouraging gifts to be opened throughout the shower. Gifts can be sent directly to the mum-to-be in advance and opened on camera or off, whichever she prefers. Baba Box offers a range of carefully curated baby shower gift boxes and bespoke gifts which can be delivered with a gift note to the lucky mum-to-be ahead of the event. We are also able to add a note to the outside of the gift with a date and time that you would like the gift to be opened.

Virtual baby shower games & activities

An online event doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of games for guests and the mum-to-be to enjoy. This year has seen the rise and fall of Zoom quizzes, but they still have a place in our heart. ‘Who’s that baba?’ is a great game to play on any platform that allows screensharing. Guests send their baby pictures to the organizer in advance and the mum-to-be can take turns guessing who the baba is.

Remembering the day

While a virtual baby shower may not be as photo filled as an in-person celebration, it’s still important for mums-to-be to have a memento of the baby shower to look back on. If you’re using video conferencing, consider recording some of the shower and creating a video to share. One of our favorites to use is Canva, which offers free & easy-to-use video editing and has plenty of cute templates available!

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